ALD is the key enabler of recent big progress in nano scale semiconductor device manufacturing.  
ISAC Research iOV series ALD system is being adopted in multiple major R&D groups for the development of next
generation semiconductor devices.  Precise control of material interface and surface engineering with
in-situ analysis will extend the application of ALD in this most advanced industry.


Powder metallurgy is no more old fashioned technology.  It will make big jump by combining together with
ALD technology. Electric component manufacturers, fuel cell and secondary battery manufacturers are
showing the proof of its synergy. ISAC Research iPV series Powder ALD system will pave the way to bring the new
shape of nano-engineering powder technology.


Next display is already flexible and wearable.  Moisture barrier performance is most important factor in pro-
viding flexible and wearable display.  ISAC Research iRV series Roll to Roll ALD/PVD/iCVD system taking all the state of
art film coating technology will move on together with next generation display development.


High throughput and biggest ALD system is now available by ISAC.  Eco friendly renewable energy by Cd-free
CIGS solar panel can be produced by adopting ISAC Research unique technology of highly reliable ZnOS buffer layer
fabrication as manufacturing solution.


Electronics, material science and bio-chemistry are now getting fusion.   The organic material
deposition on electronic device and bio platform becomes the base of new era of technology
revolution. ISAC Research iCV series can provide the unique solution of ALD and iCVD combination in one module contributing to the innovation of the related industry.


All about the 4th industrial revolution will come from sensors.  MEMS/NEMS technology will lead and support
the development of new type sensors and ALD will be a part of contributor.  ISAC Research material deposition tech-
nology with iOV series and iCV series is ready to be a upholder of MEMS/NEMS technology development.