ISAC Research pursues sustainable management based on the ESH system such as environment, safety and health.

ENVIRONMENT 01Waste and Hazardous Chemicals Management

We identify the environmental and human risks of hazardous chemicals used in R&D in advance and thoroughly manage them through monthly safety inspections.
In addition, Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) and protective equipment storage boxes are always available in workplaces for safe work when handling hazardous chemicals.

ENVIRONMENT 02Regular Health Activities for Employees

We select health activity candidates every month and conduct health counseling and basic physical examinations. We are also creating a pleasant working environment for the safety and health of our employees.

ENVIRONMENT 03ISO Certification Status


ISAC Research is fulfilling its social responsibility through various social contribution activities, improvement of employee organizational culture, and various educational programs.

SOCIAL 01Social Contribution Activities

We are committed to social contribution activities such as regular donations to the Red Cross.

SOCIAL 02Regular In-house Seminars

ISAC Research regularly invites speakers and conducts internal seminars to develop various competencies of its employees.

SOCIAL 03Operation of Labor-Management Council

ISAC Research operates a labor-management council to communicate with employees and promete positive relationships. Employee representatives and company representatives exchange opinions for the welfare of employees and the development of the company.
In addition, an in-house sound box was installed to enable more diverse communication.


ISAC Research strives to establish a transparent and fair governance structure by appointing professional executives who can make horizontal decisions between employees and executives.